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On the way family throughout the healthcare, Pam, Sue Ellen, and you will Donna decided to manage to get thier locks done

On the way family throughout the healthcare, Pam, Sue Ellen, and you will Donna decided to manage to get thier locks done

– Why don’t we get a hold of. Earliest, there is certainly the usual beginning-of-seasons nonsense. Ellie mercifully made a decision to get her cosmetic surgery undone [along with her old dresser straight back].

– Anyone realized that Southfork features undergone nice renovations because the troop is aside during the healthcare. All of a sudden, the newest den provides a small place connected to they having bluish painting. The latest upstairs hallway appears additional, and you can Anne seen a doorway on the wall surface to your drinks’ dining table.

– From the funeral, Miss Ellie claims she will grab John Ross domestic while JR conversations towards departed Bobby. Waiting one minute: must not so it feel a thing that Sue Ellen should do? At all, she’s brand new boy’s mommy.

And you may Charlie grabbed big doses out-of growth hormones – she’s almost just like the extreme just like the Jenna now, and this lady has tresses for example Crystal Gayle!

AHN Costs noticed that whenever Ellie is actually sitting at the her dining table composing this lady “to complete” record for the next date, she says to Clayton you to definitely she “did not sleep”.. will not which means that one she would should have experienced sleep for around a little while? And most likely from the lady outfits and you can to your an effective nightgown or something like that? In my opinion ‘couldn’t sleep’ is just an excuse while making Clayton get the lady specific cocoa and you will address the phone.

– Whenever Christopher runs off to Skip Ellie, they are thus pleased to come across the girl BHM dating, after which just strolls out. It is like the 2nd just after he hugged the woman he said to themselves, “Okay, that is an adequate amount of Grandma for now.” It is not since if she is there casual! When i pick my personal grandparents, I am ecstatic. Arranged. This was ridiculous.

– Within her sadness, Skip Ellie is simply a little requiring of everybody. “J.R., pour me personally a good brandy.” “Perhaps I would like some cocoa.” Sheesh! Get it yourself! So when the telephone rang with Gary on the other end of one’s line, she merely kind of checked out Clayton since if to express, “Um, brand new phone’s ringing. Pick-up! As to the reasons else have you been right here?” :) I only seen because you brought it, and is most foolish. But I shall forgive BBG because the she returned and you may you will find no longer Donna Reed permanently! – Jenna wasn’t very worked up that she expected good sedative, do you think? It’s particularly Harlan was just asking up to in the event the anybody need a small fixer-top. Possibly the Ewings get unique privileges thereon front, also.

– AHN Costs and i also one another wondered as to the reasons Southfork cocoa gets cooler so fast. Ellie was only conversing with Gary to possess a minute or two and suddenly she determines one to her cocoa try cooler. Perhaps she seems one to Clayton has never over sufficient and then he would be to wade downstairs and you will still do it this time around!

– We wondered why Lucy “can not get an airplane over the years having Bobby’s funeral service”? Bobby protected their lifetime (in the 1st rerun occurrence I ever noticed where she runs away) and other than Ellie, Bobby is the only one alive you to previously actually was trailing their day long. she’s instead of a honeymoon, actually (ought not to she be?) .. the newest excuse is actually “she decided not to score an airline on time”.. bring me personally a break.. a good Ewing could have a limo get this lady from Atlanta so you’re able to Dallas when you look at the six period and leave a good damned good tip for the driver as well.. plus don’t several days go-by until the funeral service in any event? You are certainly best. A label.

I can’t believe We missed this

– The scene in which Dirty blows Sue Ellen annoyed me much.. which club was definitely not a normal Ewing hangout.. it is really not such as the petroleum baron’s bar where they’d relate to the lady because “Mrs. Ewing” and keep in mind that the woman tabs could well be paid in full during the one time or another. this woman is from inside the a haphazard crappy club. she purchases beverages.. a stranger treks during the, contends together, Punches Their In the Deal with and you may carries this lady aside (from the absolute comfort of her percentage towards products with the pub one to I can find).. together with browse in the bartender didn’t make it seem like it had been uncommon.. won’t the mediocre bartender be contacting the authorities.. not only to the lack of percentage to your images you to Sue Ellen are chugging, however for a disagreement ranging from visitors (so far as the newest bartender knows.. at all, they don’t come into together) in which sounds was in fact elevated and you can a masculine Punches a female on face and you may strolls aside along with her?? You’re seriously proper.

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